Three Mobile & Google Assist

Client: Three Mobile

We were tasked to create a fun, impactful and interactive installation to showcase Google Assist at the flagship store of Three Mobile on Oxford Street. 


We designed and built a series of custom-built lightboxes & screens showing an animated sketch depicting a journey of a women trying to get to her job interview in time and how using Google Assist can help. 


We had three interactive elements within the installation. One where users can wear headphones and ask Google Assist to play motivational music. Another was a selfie moment, users could ask Google Assist to take a selfie with a backdrop of the river Thames behind them which also triggered a motion activated fan which blew the guests hair making it seem that they were on a boat on the river. The third interactive element was showing how Google Assist could work around the home. We designed and built a voice activated lightbox that guests could ask Google to change the colour.  


The main structure consisted of a bespoke powder coated scaffolding structure which was extremely customable and durable. We were also tasked to provide the next two installations based around this structure over the course of the year.


The first was at the end of the first lockdown and the main aim was to support local businesses. Each side of the installation was individually branded to champion a different small business along with featuring something relevant to their services. We custom built a wide range of elements including a bespoke nail varnish and greeting card display unit, a café style awning and a spinning barber shop pole.


The next redesign was a Christmas display. This saw us clad the entire structure and vinyl each wall in a unique ‘Three’ Christmas design complete with over 70 Christmas presents, secret QR code prizes and a photo op surrounded by more presents.